Demo XV

by Soulbreaker

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released July 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Soulbreaker Cottbus, Germany

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Track Name: Hate & Scorn
Within this mankind
I will never find my peace

In another dimension
Between earth and sky
I found my way - Iam reborn

And I´m walking on the edge
Fairness and hate are crossing my ways
In a world where love can´t breath

Political agitation
Social exclusion

My biggest wish for this generation
is the power for the revenge on society

You will all burn in hell

I will not fit in your concept
Hate and scorn is all I see
Whatch my anger grow
This is the nightmare which you have created

With the weight on their shoulders
They will wreck your fucking world

Please go burn in hell
Track Name: The Blackest Course
The more I suffer - the less I fear
The devil on my shoulder invites me to a trip
Through hell and heaven
I hear the trumpets melody from the underworld
The gates are open
From a kingdom without hope

Hiding my course I´am born with
A course with no end in sight
Feel the blood raging in my veins
Infected by a virus called fortime

Digging deeper in that what once pulled me down
Hands oppressed
And eyes corroded
I´m creeping deeper and deeper
I´m stucked in the past

And I will suffer ´till I close my eyes
And I will suffer ´till I close my eyes
And fall into a sleep
Track Name: Demons Trap
Away from home to set my mind free
Thought the past is gone
Grim reality
Endless journey - still on the run
But my fucking feet
They are so numb

Confrontation with my deepest feelings
Slowly realizing "I´m getting older"
It takes my breath away

Slogans of free living
But I´m unable to rebuild my broken castle
I´m trapped in my own hole
With the demon on the dark side of my soul

Are my mistakes a warning ?
Learning and learning - nothing had changed
Is it good?
Or is this my personal downfall?

Confusion - desperation
Searching for the answers - begging for salvation
Hand in hand with my demon
On the dark side of my soul
I´m living in hell
I´m damned by myself
Track Name: Celeste
Sheltered my an angel
Hundred miles away from me
A light had shown me the way
Out of fog - out of misery
Celeste was her name
Beyond nature her vibes

Give me your hand
Let me feel your heart
Let me kiss your wounds you told me about in pain

May the distance tries to bring us down
I will stay here with my feet on the ground
And building bridges with my bare hands

As a two-man-army
We will fly to the stars
I will show you a life
You will never forget
Track Name: Extinction
Can you feel the fragments drifting away?
Can you hear the voices whispering in the wind?

When hearts turn into stones
A feeling like a twisting knife
Right into your eyes

Feel the tears falling from the skies
Clouds are hiding all that seemed to be gold
The symphony of rage played by your darkest thoughts
Mindless drive of vengeance

Dragged into darkness
Ne helping hand in sight
Just laying on the ground
And waiting for the final fight

This is punishment
This is what you get
You will rot in hell

This is the end of it all

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